Jade Program:
Prosperity Textile sees it as our responsibility to contribute to a greener industry – and planet.

Being a bluesign? system partner, we’re already regarded as one of the cleanest denim mills in the world. We will continue to strive to further reduce our footprint throughout our whole denim manufacturing process, while also finding yet new ways to enhance the prosperity of our employees.

Below we list some of the interventions we’ve undertaken. However, it’s important to remember that sustainability is more than just a list. It’s a mindset.


  • Our Sweet Indigo concept returns denim dyeing to its roots while also minimizing the use of harmful hydro sulfites

  • Usage of sustainable fibers from Dupont (Sorona?), Lenzing (Tencel?, Modal?, Refibra?), Unifi (Repreve?) and LYCRA (Coolmax? EcoMade)

  • Wastewater treatment facility following a Leave No Trace philosophy

  • In 2016, Prosperity began a solar programme on its rooftop. Currently, we are generating 190,000 kWh a year and cutting CO2 emissions by 140 tons.

  • Laser and Ozone washing in collaboration with Jeanologia

  • Caustic soda recovery system

  • Focusing on waterless finishes vs. desized and/or mercerised finishing

  • Employee well-being: ranging from organically produced local food to excellent working conditions

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